SIRC Volunteer/Internship Application Procedures
1. Fill up the SIRC Volunteer Application Form in MS word format and email at volunteering.sirc@gmail.com . Or you can also print it out, fill and send the scanned copy through email. Any changes in SIRC Volunteer Application Form would automatically disqualify your application for volunteer/internship.

2. You must apply for volunteering or internship at least 6 months before you want to join at SIRC.

3. The minimum duration of volunteer/internship is uninterrupted 4 weeks. However, this provision does not apply to experts and highly professional applicants.

4. Along with the application form, you need to send your updated resume, PP sized photo and letter of approval for volunteering/internship from your organization if you are working or college/university if you are studying.

5. Upon the receiving of your application with above mentioned documents, SIRC will evaluate your application.

6. Once your application for volunteering/internship has been approved by SIRC, you have to pay €200.00 in SIRC bank account No. ‘00405010000647’ (Nepal Investment Bank) within the four weeks from the date of approval. However, SIRC can waive the fee if the applicant is highly expert and professional. This will depend upon our evaluation.

7. SIRC will process for your volunteer/internship registration at Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC) which is the mandatory for volunteering/internship in Nepal.

8. SIRC will continuously update you regarding the progress and guide you in detail about accommodation, transportation, and other important things before you travel to Nepal.

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