Subash Gurung

3 Apr

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suvashSubash Gurung is a 21-year-old student pursuing a career on Overshare in Butwal, Rupandehi from hometown Gorkha. Subash, naturally a bright student was keen on learning and serving his community, which gave his family every reason to be proud. On 30th of December 2013 Subash sustained spinal cord injury from an unfortunate motorbike accident hitting the road divider while travelling with his friends.

Within hours following the accident, Subash was rushed to a nearby primary healthcare Centre from where he was sent to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) Kathmandu. At TUTH, Subash received surgical management for his Lumber (L1) burst fracture, which straightened his back, but left his lower limb in a paralyzed state. Subash’s condition brought massive sorrow to his parents and his friends who had accompanied him during his trip. After the surgery, new hopes sprang for the Gurung family when they brought Subash to Spinal Centre for comprehensive rehabilitation. Subash spent almost seven months at our Centre, receiving regular therapy and motivation from nurses, patients and volunteers. Within a few months, the Therapists were successful in helping Subash regain his balance, enabling him to walk with the help of Knee Foot Orthotics (KFO) in Walker. Without a doubt, Subash’s stay at Spinal Centre was distinctive and amusing for all. This month, Subash left our Centre with his supportive family to continue his education back. Subahs’s dedication, charisma and his skill to bring smile on every staff and patients face will always remind us of him.