Medical and Nursing Service


The nursing department in SIRC has expertise knowledge in SCI which includes staffs working since more than a decade. The main areas of SCI nurses are respiratory care, bladder and bowel management and skin care including pressure ulcer management. The ultimate goal of the department is to make the client independent in bowel, bladder and skin care as much as possible. Care taker is involved in care of the client and care taker education is also important responsibility.

Respiratory care

– assisted coughing exercise and chest physiotherapy; positioning; precautions and education to prevent chest complications like pneumonia

Bladder management
– Foley’s care; CIC (clean intermittent catheterization); CISC (clean intermittent self catheterization); urodynamic studies; UTI prevention and management; eduation and counseling about prevention of bladder complication

Bowel management
– bowel training to maintain regular bowel habit; prevention and management of complications like constipation, diarrhoea, hemorrhoids

Skin care
– Prevention and management of pressure ulcer; 2 hourly positioning; referral when necessary; education about maintaining intact skin

Other activities
– regular monitoring of vital signs, medication, maintaining of client records/medical records, SCI education, maintaining cleanliness and tidiness of nursing department; arrangement of admission and discharge of the client, home visits and community activities

wound dressing