Occupational Therapy






Occupational Therapy is a Health Care Profession working towards the prevention of disability and restoration of independent functional ability.
Occupational Therapists work with people and communities in order to facilitate maximum personal participation in daily activities. This is achieved through such mediums as; purposeful activity, therapeutic interventions, provision of assistive devices, mobility aids and wheelchairs, skills training, education and environmental adaptations.
OT is following our services according to ICF(International Classification Of Functioning).In ICF we are looking Activities, Participation and Environmental factors.

Role of Occupational Therapy in SIRC
• As a team we rehabilitate 130 patients per year in average.
• Work together with the MDT for the functional mobility and progress of the patient.
• UL strengthening ,Stretching & Positioning
• ADL practice and training
• Home environment Modification
• Wheelchair skills
• Community Outing and Day outing
• Different level transfer
• Providing Assistive & adaptive devices
• Splinting & Cushions
• Halfway home training
• Mobility area training
• Recreational activities and therapy
• Educational class for patient & caretakers in native language
• Treatment of out patients in OPD clinic
• Record keeping & research


We are providing this all services in
• Acute Phase
• Active Phase
• Rehabilitation Phase
• Re- integration phase