Laxman Rana Magar

2 Apr

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laxman rana15-year-old Laxman Rana Magar, an eighth grader from Dhading comes from a family with limited means. He injured his spine while he was cutting fodder for his cattle. Immediately after the accident, he was taken to nearby health post from where he was referred to HRDC (Hospital and Rehabilitation for Disable Children) Banepa. After receiving surgical treatment and 60 days of stay, he was referred to SIRC for comprehensive rehabilitation. He stayed at SIRC for 65 days where his father accompanied him and received training to assist Laxman.


After completing rehabilitation, he is independent while using his wheelchair. During his rehabilitation, he took a training on basic computer course. Everyday, one could see Laxman joking and laughing with his friends. At SIRC, he received full financial coverage for his treatment including rehabilitation services and medication. Now he is staying at Khagendra Newlife Home, one of the hostels for people with disabilities at Kathmandu, Jorpati and is continuing his studies at Khagendra School. He is doing all his work independently and is also actively involed in wheelchair basketball. Now he has built strong determination to face challenges in life.