Frequently Asked Questions

1. What documents should I bring?
Please send a scanned copy by email ASAPand bring a copy of your professional license to practice which must be current. Please also bring 2 passport photos with you so that you can be registered with the Ministry of Health.

2. What is the address of SIRC?
Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC),Saanga, Kavre, Nepal (Next to Himal Gas Factory). Phone 011660847 or 011660848

3. Where is the SIRC, in Kathmandu or outside KTM?
Kavre. 23km from Kathmandu

4. Should I fly to Kathmandu?

5. What is the situation at the moment in Nepal. Is there something I should be aware of?
OK. Some mild aftershocks occasionally. July-Sept; Monsoon.Please check the news. It is up to you to be fully prepared before you come.Please familiarise yourself about the country, culture, religion, politics,healthcare and weather.

6. Is there something I could bring with me for SIRC?
Please email separately

7. Should I arrange the accommodation or will you do it?
We can do this

8. Cost of accommodation?
Depends where and type of accommodation.around Rs.2200 per day for food and accommodation.

9. How far is the accommodation from SIRC?
Depends where you wish to stay. Just 3 Kms away from SIRC or there are hostels and hotels in Bhaktupar (10km) and Kathmandu (23km).

10. Is the accommodation wheelchair accessible?
Accessibility in and around Nepal is an issue with narrow passage ways and stairs rather than lifts. SIRC is fully accessible. Please advise if you require fully accessible accommodation.

11. How much does it cost for transportation from the local accommodation to SIRC?
It cost Rs. 10 for one way. Travelling to & from Kathmandu is free on the SIRC staff bus (which is fully accessible).

12. What would I/Teams need to bring? Towels, shampoo, soap, mosquito nets?

13. Can you drink the tap water?
NO. Definitely not. ONLY bottled or known safe/treated water

14. Is there a laundry facility?
Yes, this will cost extra

15. Are there shops and restaurants near the accommodation?

16. Do teams/individuals pay in cash for the accommodation?
Yes. The local accommodation usually includes breakfast and dinner and Lunch when you are at the Hostel and not in work. Please check ref Kathmandu accommodation.

17. Is there a telephone that teams could use?
You are advised to buy your own SIM card at the airport. Local basic phones cost approx US$15-20.