SIRC Entertaining Evening and Silent Auction Fundraiser is a Success!

27 Mar

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Examing the sarees

The SIRC Entertaining Evening and Silent Auction Fundraiser is a Success! We would like to thank every individual and organization who have helped us in every possible way to make this event successful.


What is a Silent Auction?

It is where a number of exclusive prizes are listed on individual sheets, their value and minimum bid outlined.  The first bidder must bid at least the minimum bid by writing his/her name and amount of bid on the Bid Sheet.  Subsequent bidders continue to bid, each bidder outbidding the previous bid.   After an hour or two during the evening, the bidding on the items will be closed and the successful bidders announced.  The successful bidders then collect their prize and pays for the item.  All monies raised from the successful bids will go directly to support those suffering with spinal injury through SIRC.

The money raised at this event will benefit the patients of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre and their carers.

Thank You All!


Images of the Event

Thank You Supporters

Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra – Namo Buddha to Lumbini 366km – Successful Completion!

27 Mar

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P1030823 (767x1024)What an inspiring completion to Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra in Lumbini, on April 18, 2014.

Photos of Lumbini event recording the completion of Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra on Facebook

Praise for Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra from our partner Livability UK

Feature article in the Nepali Times

Kantipur Daily Newspaper March 26, 2014

Kantipur TV National News Mar 26, 2014

Kantipur TV National News Mar 26, 2014


Make a Donation on Big Give – UK & Europe Donors only

Make Donation – Nepali and International Donors only


Wheelchair Yaatra Completion Press Release – Lumbini – English

Wheelchair Yaatra Completion Press Release – Lumbini (Nepali) 

Wheelchair Yaatra Invitation to Lumbini

Wheelchair Yaatra on Youtube               

Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra Daily Updates

Application for Ram’s Nomination for “The Greater Himalayas Community Leadership Award’

Background Information on Ram’s Wheelchair Yaatra

The map for route of Wheelchair Yaatra

map flex






Big Idea Project launched on UK’s Big Give website

27 Mar

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The Big Idea

SIRC along with our long time partner Livability, have just launched the “Big Idea” Project.  It’s aim is to support 50 financially challenged patients to receive rehabilitation services at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre. £10 a day is all it takes to provide a total package of care including therapy, vocational training and home modification for each patient.



Disability and poverty go hand in hand. In Nepal a person with a disability and their family are less likely to have access to rehabilitation, education, skills training and employment – opportunities which reduce poverty. This project will solve the problem for poor patients requiring rehabilitation following spinal injury, enabling them to return home as active members. Without this support, patients will continue to suffer from preventable complications, social exclusion and early death.



By supporting 50 financially challenged patients, it allows rehabilitation to be provided for these patients, who otherwise could not afford to pay. Specialized rehabilitation for the spinally injured enables the patients to lead full and independent lives, to improve their quality of life and to relieve the burden of care on their families.


Please Donate

Please donate on Big Give’s website.  Your donation is crucial to giving financially challenged people with spinal injuries, HOPE.

Big Give logo


Principles and Practice of Neuro-Rehabilitation

27 Mar

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2Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (Spinal Centre) and National Health Training Centre (NHTC) is jointly organising a 10 day training on neuro rehabilitation. This training will be benefiting 50 health care workers from all over Nepal. After the training, the participants will be able to identify Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and it’s neurological problems and provides right counseling for the patient’s.



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Exclusive charity show in support of SIRC by Maha Jodi

27 Mar

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MAHA_Jodi-300x147Madan Krishna Shrestha & Haribamsha Acharya* invite you to an exclusive charity show “NEWAR BAHADUR – BAHUN BAHADUR” “नेवार बहादुर – बाहुन बहादुर” in support of Spinal Injury Rehabilitaon Centre (SIRC).

12 July 2014, Saturday, 5-7 PM
Kamalmani Theatre, Rato Bangala School, Patan Dhoka.

The production “Newar Bahadur – Bahun Bahadur” is a satirical commentary on the challenges facing our citizens,  from  load-shedding  to  corruption,  ever-lasting  constitution-writing,  political herapheri and the ‘Ma-pa-se’ drive. The show sold to full houses at Academy Hall in April and is being staged again on public demand starting 13 July. Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to enjoy Maha Jodi’s latest production. All of your contribution will go to the Maha Patient Support Fund at SIRC, which subsidises the stay and rehabilitation of poor patients. * Both Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsha Acharya are members of the Executive Board of SIRC.

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A visit to SIRC by Korea team

20 Mar

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Korean_Team_VisitRecently Korean team paid their visit in Nepal from 21st June-1st August.The team consisted of professionals in the field of physical disabilities and rehabilitation, three of them from Korea Spinal Cord Injury Association (KSCIA) and two of them from Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute (KODDI). The main objective of the visit was to assess the possibility of future project between KSCIA, KODDI and Spinal Injury Sangh Nepal (SIRC). They visited different related organizations in Kathmandu and also visited ex-patients of Spinal Centre to assess the effect of rehabilitation in the life of person with Spinal Cord injury and disbility in Nepal. Their visit was coordinated by Spinal Centre.We are very positive that we will be able to work together in future. Thank you KSCIA for your coordination and support.