Spinal Earthquake Relief Fund (SERF)

The devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015 has impacted the lives of thousands of people in the area. Collapsed buildings have resulted in men, women and children surviving but with severe injuries, and many will be permanently disabled as a result; and life for disabled people in the area will be even more challenging. For those who do survive but with severe spinal injuries, urgent SCI specialist care will be critical, followed by rehabilitation support to regain skills or adapt to their condition.

As of June 2, 2015, there are a total of 100 SCI patients currently receiving specialized SCI rehabilitation at SIRC.  As INGO surgical teams become active throughout the Kathmandu Valley hospitals, SIRC expects a further 100 SCI patients to be referred to the centre making SIRC a facility with 200 beds.

The total number of SCI patients within the Kathmandu Valley alone is estimated to be in the hundreds.  This however has not been verified but SIRC is currently planning for a massive expansion of our facility to cater to these high numbers of patients.

It costs a little over US$3,000 per patient for 3-months of specialized rehabilitation at SIRC.  We have an urgent need for items such as antibiotics, painkillers, beds, mattresses, blankets, food, as well as the specialized SCI medical expertise required for treating such complex health issues.

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